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Pastor Anthony


Anthony Palmer is the founder and Pastor of Empowered Life Church. A ministry conceived in his heart over 2 decades ago after receiving Christ as his personal savior.  Following his radical conversion and deliverance from substance abuse, Anthony quickly matured studying God’s Word and serving in various ministries. Pastor Anthony has pursued his studies at Nyack College in Pastoral care.  His education along with his ministerial endeavors, speak to his experience as a leader and shepherd.

In 2000 his calling was validated when he was licensed a minister of the Gospel by Pastor Jerry Wilder of Grace & Restoration Fellowship, Paterson, NJ.  He served in this capacity for 15 years.  He was also appointed the director of the men’s ministry in 2008 at Bible Baptist Church, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ.  Then in 2015 he was ordained a Pastor and is now realizing the vision placed in his heart many years ago.

Pastor Anthony is an effective communicator of the Gospel and is known for his practical but dynamic teaching style, which helps people understand and apply the timeless scriptures to their everyday lives.  He is a mentor and life coach specifically to men of diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds. 

Pastor Anthony’s accomplished career as a top-selling sales executive and his history as a substance abuse survivor affords him the ability to help men develop on a personal and professional level.  He has worked with re-entry/job training programs and is connected to several rehabilitation facilities. He is passionate about helping men during their recovery, challenging them to take back their lives and their future. 

He has been a regular teacher and motivational speaker at the Good Shepherd and St. Paul’s Church missions in Paterson, NJ, as well as the Goodwill Mission, in Newark, NJ.  He also serves alongside his wife Lavelle Palmer in the area of pre-marital and marital counseling.  

Pastor Anthony and Lavelle reside in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ with their two young adult children, Olivia Brielle and Anthony Wayne Jr.  The couple has been married since 1995 and has worked together advancing God’s kingdom throughout their marriage effecting one life, one couple and one family at a time.

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